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  1. Level 0: Two sticks Horizontal at waist Level in one hand Circle around body clockwise or counter clockwise Pass behind the back and continue in full circle Level 1: move feet in direction of glowsticks Level 2: move feet in counter direction of glowsticks Level 3: change speed to slower than circle speed level 4: change speed to faster than circle speed Level 5: two separate glowsticks, counterclockwise or clockwise turn at any point -props to diablo 3 for the inspiration-
  2. Hey does anyone know this girl? I found it on youtube a while ago and I couldn't remember how. I tried searching a lot of tags. Anyone know her?
  3. Who is practicing these days? I do not know anyone local. I live in Flushing, NYC. Does anyone have any idea where to get glowsticks local? We do not have a Walmart and they don't sell them at Target.
  4. Let's revive the clan!!! Don't give a fuck!!!
  5. Hello Everyone, This is the second thread I have checked out on this website. Where is everyone? There are 100 guests viewing the site but nobody is posting.
  6. Name: Age: Gender: Location: Interests: Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Musical Interest: Goal in the next 5 years: Goal in the next 20 years: What turns you on about the opposite sex: If i had a million dollars I would: I am good at: School (if applicable): Work (if applicable): I am on glowsticking.com because: My website/picutures are located: Describe yourself: What do you do for fun? Martial Arts, Diablo III, Guilty Gear XX Reload, Glowsticking Random fact about yourself: I am Osho. What you did last weekend: Diablo III What yo do when you go out: W
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