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  1. Level 0: Two sticks Horizontal at waist Level in one hand Circle around body clockwise or counter clockwise Pass behind the back and continue in full circle Level 1: move feet in direction of glowsticks Level 2: move feet in counter direction of glowsticks Level 3: change speed to slower than circle speed level 4: change speed to faster than circle speed Level 5: two separate glowsticks, counterclockwise or clockwise turn at any point -props to diablo 3 for the inspiration-
  2. Hey does anyone know this girl? I found it on youtube a while ago and I couldn't remember how. I tried searching a lot of tags. Anyone know her?
  3. Uhh... I notice there are 120 people online as guests... If you don't log in I can't message you and find someone to fucking talk to about glowsticks.
  4. Who is practicing these days? I do not know anyone local. I live in Flushing, NYC. Does anyone have any idea where to get glowsticks local? We do not have a Walmart and they don't sell them at Target.
  5. Why don't we agree to meet in TinyChat at some point this month? Does someone have everyone's contact information on facebook? I would like to meet you all. I think a non video chat is better though.
  6. I've got some experience in fashion and design, I do a lot of different things. This shirt for a female would be a great design, but it should be cut like a hooter's shirt. Also the bottom should have a slit, and the top... well you guys figure that out.
  7. Let's revive the clan!!! Don't give a fuck!!!
  8. Frankie Bones is chill man. I met him. He's trying to teach you something cool about respect, and what people do to teach people about shit like that.
  9. Don't be so fucking bitter about women. You probably don't even treat them like people. You don't deserve them, so you won't get them. Get over yourself.
  10. Change the rules, this is fucking whack, nobody is on the website cause of bullshit like this. I'm done figuring it out.
  11. Osho

    Local Parties

    Where are the parties in NYC? The rave culture thing is underground... Should this be in the Newbie Forum? Sorry. Nobody posts parties here anymore? I don't know where to get flyers, someone told me facebook but I don't really know what to look for. I am new to the area. Can you help?
  12. Hi, someone told me about a store called Paramount on 28th street, I can't find it, they are supposed to sell ultras for 1 dollar. This is a "clown" store? Does that mean it is a joke?
  13. Should not this thread be in the Newbie Section of the site?
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