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  1. thanks man glad to be part of a community that doesn't have negativity unlike that tech glowsticking group on fb
  2. ima bring it back to life lol jk not dead
  3. Name:Mark Sierra Age:25 Gender: Male Location: San Antonio Texas (downtown Area) Interests:Music popping breaking Street art Vocals I've done: ---> https://soundcloud.com/bardock-omega Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Juxtapose Musical Interest: Varied lol Goal in the next 5 years: Have my own design company Goal in the next 20 years: Making millions What turns you on about the opposite sex: If i had a million dollars I would: Buy my mother a new house I am good at: Stringing&Vocals School (if applicable):UTSA Social Media Engineering Work (if applicable):Viacom I am on gl
  4. Name Mark(shredz) Age 25 Location San Antonio Downtown Area
  5. Name Mark Anthony Sierra Nick name Shredz Age 25 Interest: Music vocals ive done: https://soundcloud.com/bardock-omega Poi glow / fire: VIDEOS--> Street art Popping Breaking Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/mark.sierra.90857 its a short intro i know but i dont feel like going the 9
  6. started back in 04 but left it alone for popping n bereaking so i decided to jump back in
  7. Whats up everyone im new to the site and it looks pretty fuckin epic i love it im from san antonio been stringing for a good while here are some videos of me tell me what you think
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