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  1. Hey man, do you still glowstick? I am from San Jose also. I go to SJSU...

  2. YES! Would you want me to upload it? Gotta love that finger light.

  3. dudes did you film me gloving during kyles party?

  4. thanks for thr add. ^_^

  5. Hey im new to all this and im from san Jose I was wondering if you can teach me some thing in your next meeting? XD

  6. haha hey sparrow i got your message im going to try to have a new handles video up haha :3 shh no one really knows

  7. its all about the game :3

  8. Ah hello there. For some reason everytime I read tagging the first thing that comes to mind is the game...=]

  9. pm me your name and address :)

  10. are you goin to start makein kandi again =3 ill trade ^^

  11. GH0ST WHERE ARE YOU ~pokes~

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