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  1. Name: Nathan

    Age: 21

    Gender Male:

    Location: Hawaii

    Interests: Glowstringing, music, hanging with friends, surf

    Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Walking dead, Naruto, Adult Swim

    Musical Interest: Ukulele, singing, edm, reggae, house, breaking music, 

    Goal in the next 5 years: Get my own place

    Goal in the next 20 years: Have a steady income and have a family

    What turns you on about the opposite sex: Intelligence, Personality, eyes, body, smile, spunk, spontaneity

    If i had a million dollars I would: help my family out

    I am good at: sleeping, eating, making friends

    School (if applicable): LCC and KCC

    Work (if applicable): Kazoku Sushi

    I am on glowsticking.com because: i glowstring

    My website/picutures are located:

    Describe yourself: Outgoing, friendly, chill, short, funny, 

    What do you do for fun? surf, sing, glowstring, dance, 

    Random fact about yourself: ive never been to the phillipines and im filipino hahah

    What you did last weekend: go clubbing and drink

    What yo do when you go out: sing, jam, hang with friends, drink, look for fun

    Are you in a relationship? nope

    Are you looking to be in a relationship? Maybe

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