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  1. Hi this is my new page,

    I couldnt get logged into this one at all i thought it was gone ::3

    See ya around


  2. 11:24 11:23 11:2011:1121:22 11:1911:1811:12 11:13 11:14 11:15 11:16 11:17
  3. HAU5 !? *knox opens door, HALL♡♡,
  4. I think we should set up a meet :: 3
  5. I was thinking this morning as always, now jamming to this yt video.The rave will never die, 'cause art, kindness, and love will never die.20 years from now, when some of us have grown up and had families. The old has been replaced with the new,My kids, Will be here. Loving life, and his fellow man.'cause I taught them to.'cause You taught us to.'cause thats what living is all about,That's why rave. : 3gsc wont die,'cause rave.No such thing as death.Isn't that a perfect circle.ya digg?^.^ WONT EVEN TAKE MY HTML >.< RAVE* Not Rage. kai.
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