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  1. RIGHT ON MAN!! stringz for life. Dedicated to gsc It'll get better we are just in slump right now due to school and what not, im sure by summer gsc will be back and running at maximum capacity ..playing in the sandbox alone, makes a kid very sad though :,(
  2. It seems like there is only ten of us who are a part of gsc, now a days..and i know moppy comments like that don't lead us in the right direction. Im guilty myself for not have posted in weeks to a month,recently started lurking on the fb groups..but i guess its better we go back UG as hinde said
  3. ..this discouraged me, kinda made me want to stray away ):
  4. I think i kno you..you friends with jamal??i would edit this and take out the drug references, just trust me, you'll be doin yourself a favor...you don't wanna get banned or anything like that, cuz that's a huge violation to our guidelines..
  5. Its always good to spread and share the art culture, to the right people... ..don't think thats to good of an idea, imo. You might wanna check out the culture thread and read up on our guidelines and what we stand for..(definitely not for being "hired" to glowstick.).|:
  6. hey what's up youngins!(: i as a n00bie decided to pull out my needle and do some "THEARDING"(....not the best play on words). So I've been a member for a month now, and the word on the sticks is that US newbs tend to sign up, post a vid, then bail out never to be seen again. Now to me that'sa buncha jibba jabba, see im new to this site, but my passion for this art has been growing inside me for about a year now(10months as of yesterday) and im HERE to STAY! for years to come trust me. Getting to the point i decided to make this thread for US newcomers to show these vets that we're here, we un
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