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  1. Im going to steal this as my status buck... i laughed out really loud, when i read
  2. Flying with the fishes Swimming with the pigeons
  3. He shoulda snatched their asses up in a bear trap.. problem solved.. no.more Da bears !
  4. "What's the rock cookin?!.. nah im cookin rock"
  5. Day 1 done. Bad bitch double d's, poppin e, i don't give a f, told ya ima g
  6. Day 1 of waiting.. Whooooooooooooiiiiioooooooooo
  7. paid for!!!! Whooooooooooooooooooiiiioooooooooooooooo
  8. Grrerrrr. I love Texas Yo bucklee im buying moar ledz today !!!! Whoooooooiiiiiiiiiiiooooooooo!!!
  9. That made me laugh bc im Toked... hehehe \~.~/
  10. Sonofbitch....by 4minutes. Gohdamnit! Demo you say? day 1
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