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  1. i just freakin talked to my hero, i remind u IS FAMOUS, over my tumblr. best night ever. thank god for insomnia or it wulda never happened^3^

  2. haha it was a *planned* battle, pretty much a fake ones me and my friends made up for a show^-^ (shuffle battling's lame)

    and unfortunatly i no go to high school anymore , nly college BS nao D:

  3. Hey you must be good at shuffling, can you give me some tips about spins, mine seem really jerky.

  4. DANG ITS BEEN AWHILE! sorry ive been gone! busy graduating, shuffle meetups, youtube videos, etc. BACK IN BUISNESS!

    1. Noqturnal


      Good to have you back. ;]

  5. Totally had a shuffle battle for our pep rally at school today! every1 was chanting my name xD glad it worked out well! i was worried

    1. Babydoll41


      Sounds like fun :) I had one at a school social, I won :)

    2. Noqturnal
    3. Noqturnal
  6. HALLOWEEN MEETUPS GONA BE BADASS:b if i find a dang ride xP

  7. gona take sum lightshow pictures tonight C;

  8. Hardstyle shufflin, no LMFAO bullshit!

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