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    Music, Dolls, Origami, Art, Dancing, reptiles (mostly snakes)... and a lot of other things. :) I'm pretty eclectic when it comes to likes.
  1. That is some crazy amazing glowsticking! XD
  2. Resurrecting a dead thread... but... I thought this was an interesting topic because last night my husband asked me if getting into glowsticking meant I was going to start doing drugs. >_< I told him that there's no reason why I should do drugs to glowstick because I just love dancing and things that glow so it's only natural that I like it and he told me to "be careful" because "all glowstickers are on drugs", and that's "common knowledge" since obviously, nobody could be into glowsticking unless they are on shrooms ore LSD. I was wondering how true the stereotype was, but it see
  3. Name: Setsuki Age: 27 Gender: Female Location: Wisconsin Interests: Music, dolls, dancing, reptiles (mostly snakes), sewing, art (drawing/painting), reading, writing... and about a billion other things. Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Book- Watership Down...maybe. or maybe The Walking Drum by Louis L'amore. Magazine - Arena37c TV Show - I don't really watch TV... but when I did I watched Kim Possible a lot. XD Musical Interest: I love a lot of different musics... if it sounds good, I like it. XD I really like a lot of techno and industrial... and other things. But
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