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  1. Why arr my cool friends always busy :c

  2. I want to delve deep into the art of Photography. I know of so many people that are SO good at photography that I'm almost discouraged to even try. I can make it but I need some directions pointed out to me. If anyone's willing to take their time and help me with some things, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks :)

  3. Grad BBQ tomorrow. Like if you're down to come thru

  4. anyone willing to sell my mom a phone for 20$

  5. People need to stop hitting me on the road, like srsly wtf.

  6. so much gay, i am so very much gay, im gay light the night is dark, im gay like the first raindrop of the year on a cold harvest moon,im gay like black is to white, im gay like coldest to ice, im gay like a Siamese twin, im gay like im feeling alright, im gay like i dnt know what to say or do

  7. so much lube, im soaked!!!-w

  8. Lets go Saturday Detention!

  9. What do you get when you have a broken glowstick and a stringer ?

  10. Saturday was just as amazing (Emphasis on AMAZING) as Friday.Too bad no one came . 2 hours of awesome that you may never get to see :|

  11. Yeah it's a repost, but it's a hell of a meaningful repostPost this if your Dad is, or was, a hardworking man, and is your hero, has helped you as much as he could no matter how good or bad you were, and is just the best Dad ever; if you are blessed to still have your Dad, or if he is waiting for you in heaven, paste this to your status and let everyone know you are proud of your Dad. You can replace a lot of people in life, but you only have one Dad......and remember any one can be a Fathe...

  12. Stupendous night tonight.Delivered of course by the greatest of the people at Chatsworth High School Variety Show !

  13. Kindly, get the hell out of my life. Your ghost haunts the present.

  14. Has anyone seen my pet rock? I can't find him anywhere.

  15. But there's something about us I want to say, cause there's something between us anyway....

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