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    Glowstringing, Glowsticking, Making Beatz ( Music Production ) Playing the Drums, Trampoline Tricks, Photography
  1. Whats up man, Hows it goin? You going to EDC Vegas this year?

  2. EDC Vegas 2012!! So can't wait :D

  3. Dash Berlin - August 6th at The Lizard Lounge - Can't Wait!!! :]

  4. Whats up man, It was also nice meeting you at EDC, thanks for being down to meet Me and my bro Toxic Firefly! It sure was a awesome experience to meet You & some other GSC members. But other then that It was amazing watching what you can do Stringing man, Keep it up! Also when ever you have time, check out my music if you want -


  5. Hey man, great meeting you at EDC! Hope to hear more from you, keep in touch

  6. Thanks Man for letting me know! Hell Yea, I can't wait to check it out! I'm also glad Me and Toxic Firefly got to meet You & Jebsax and some other GSC members. We never got the chance to meet up with anyone from GSC, so it was and awesome experience for the both of us haha, but other then that thanks for the support and being down to meet us. :]

  7. Through the night, we create art. Lights flow through the air and around our bodies. Through our light, we express feelings. Our joy formed in the air with our motions. Through Glowstringing, We Live!!

  8. Hey man, it was nice meeting you and toxicfirefly at EDC, glad you guys made it down. Make sure to check the gsc gallery, there's pictures of you guys in the edc album. You'll both be in the video that should be released within the next week as well. :)

  9. Hey, what's goin on man?

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