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  1. sounds good to me, cant wait !

  2. Alright cool message me when your down to plan a meet up, hhaa thanks.

  3. id be down for a meetup but im in canada for school most of the year, i dont get back for another 3 weeks and then im not back in the country until summer...also that is an epic profile picture

  4. hey man nova?

    watched ur videos u improved redic fast, im new to freehanding and no nothing of stringing, maybe we can meet at a rave and u can give me some pointers. iight dude peace.

  5. i miss you around here man!

  6. You're learning really, really fast!

    great spinning, man!

  7. so, its 5:21 EST and its my first week of glowstringing, ive got 3bt weave, forward reverse, 180 and 360, reverse buzzsaw, butterflies and sorta have spirals...any thoughts? :D

  8. just made a video..thoughts?

  9. new to the site, and trying to figure out how it works :)

  10. Name: Andrew Age: 18 Gender: Male Location: VA [uSA] Interests: trying new stuff...but i love sports (i have 2 snowboarding sponsors, one from SPY+ Optics and Division26 clothing)...and glowstringing ofc Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: um...im pretty busy in college so i dont have much time for external reading, but favorite TV show is probably Deep Blue or Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia Musical Interest: well, for right now, i would have to say the big one is non-mainstream dubst
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