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  1. Well you gotta start somewhere. thats awesome about your internship btw. And thanks about the vids, I will be stringing for a very long time so expect more :D

  2. That's awesome haha Im doing an internship with the national grid over the summer. I don't have that much experience with electrical... high school classes are sort of limiting XD Im going into my senior year. I'm more interested in the mechanical stuff, but I'm excited to get some experience in the electrical stuff via national grid..

    I love your videos haha You...

  3. I'm majoring in Electrical Engineering. Minor in art lol.

  4. You like physics and math? thats awesome! So do I! Do you plan on studying them?

    I want to go to school for aerospace engineering :P

  5. I don't really party often, but when I do go out I roll with most of the ECers, so I'm sure we'll come across each other eventually :)

  6. You're learning really, really fast!

    great spinning, man!

  7. awesome I cant wait to see it!

    Hey I saw on your profile it says you're from bk, Im from long island but I go to a lot of events in bk..... Planning on going to anything? Maybe Ill see you at a party or something.

  8. PS I'm gonnna lurk your posts nao

  9. No doubt bro! I have some footage I need to submit myself... Update the glowsticking resume. Definitely looking forward to seeing your routine though :) You've got some awesome stuff going on

  10. Heyyyy, hows it?

    thanks for the comment on the video, Im working on a routine now :P

  11. Name: Matt Age: 17 in a few days Gender: male Location: Long Island, NY (suffolk county) Interests: EDM, mathematics, physics, anime, manga, school, scuba diving (when I can), anything that glows Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Harry Potter series/dont really read magazines/Family guy Musical Interest: play a little guitar, favorite styles are trance (progressive and psy), hardstyle, dubstep, techno, etc Goal in the next 5 years: Get into the college I want, continue glowstringing, go to a huge event once I turn 18 like EDC or burning man, etc Goal in the next
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