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  1. Orbiting is still done but not nearly as popular as about ten years ago. Gloving is the most popular right now. Shuffling is still the most popular. Candy stepping I haven't seen done except by OGs.
  2. What rave dance styles are non existent nowadays? Im pretty sure the nordictrack isnt done, as well as rebel step.
  3. Ive been in it pretty consistenly over the years, the changes are alot event wise.
  4. nice! i wouldve loved to experience that. All I saw was liquid and nordictrack in my early days haha
  5. awesome! Ive been learning for the past 6 months on an online course, its so fun! I cant wait to hit the clubs up someday.
  6. Finished school, got a degree in business marketing, still dj every so often but mostly do Social Media Marketing and due to covid in Hawaii, im on UE. Surviving out here and healthy so I cant really complain otherwise!
  7. How's all my Hawaii peeps?
  8. Any House Dancers on here?
  9. Don't listen to other people's shit on here. You're the one getting booked.

    Does everyone else on here post their mixes? Fuck no. ;)

  10. Hey ignore the message I sent you, found the song in one of your mixes, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK :D

  11. Yo Tide!!! how goes it??? How is everything back home???

    I get to go to my first massive this weekend!!! YaY!!! tell everyone I says hi...

    that is... you are still in Hawaii no?

  12. umm maybe livewire? if i canmake it out lol

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