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  1. May Japan recover from this horrible episode.

  2. Helloow!

    Nice to meet ya :)

  3. Hiya!

    Guess what... I have an account in FurSpace woohoo!

    Find me as HyenaJack :)

  4. sup man! Haven't heard of you in a while

    howz it goin'?

  5. Hi man, how's it going?

  6. Hey man, what's up?

  7. Hellooo! How's it going?

  8. :P Furry powahh

    You speak Spanish? Ay, pues si eres de Costa Rica, por supuesto!

    Saludos :)

  9. That's a cool move. I just started the first day of this year. Ya know, like a new year's proposal. So I'm very happy right now with the weave! LOL I know that it's one of the first moves but I get really happy when I can do it! Hehe :P

    Hey, what's your favorite glowstick color?

  10. Hey :) I was stringing too just a while ago!

    I'm practicing for a demonstration I've promised for my friends.

    How's your stringing going?

  11. WOW!

    Another raving hyena! Hellooooo!!!

  12. Let's rave!!!

    1. HyenaRaver


      Hellos!!! i just have 15 min. till ish goes to slps. but i was stringing awhle ago. =3

    2. HyenaRaver


      ive been stringing for 4 months. now

      im kinda gewds on sum moves.

      trying to practice more on the crossers and the catching

      the move i like most is the BTB 3 beat weave (Reverse)



    3. HyenaRaver


      well ill ttyl cuz ish gotz 2 g2 slpz nights *smiles*


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