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  1. May Japan recover from this horrible episode.

  2. Helloow!

    Nice to meet ya :)

  3. Hiya!

    Guess what... I have an account in FurSpace woohoo!

    Find me as HyenaJack :)

  4. sup man! Haven't heard of you in a while

    howz it goin'?

  5. Glowsticking in public isn't wrong at all. It shouldn't be considered a taboo, although there is some controversy in the rave scene. I also agree that battles go against our raving principles and values because it's not about showing off or seeing who's better. It's about sharing. In conclusion, it's OK to rave wherever you like, as long as you feel comfortable with it.
  6. Hi man, how's it going?

  7. Hey man, what's up?

  8. Hellooo! How's it going?

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