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  1. Glad I don't associate with those folks. I may have little friends but my friends are great and are unconditional. Well... Immaturity is everywhere.
  2. Sure... In college, people do not have time for reputation or popularity. It's all about just doing your thing.
  3. Hey man, do you still glowstick? I am from San Jose also. I go to SJSU...

  4. Name: Andrew Ha Age: 23 Gender: Male Location: San Jose, Ca Interests: I have so many but here are the 5 things that I can never go without: Movies (I see a free movie or 2 every week courtesy of gofobo.com, filmmetro.com) Music (I love going to concerts, shows, listening to music, downloading music, discovering new and underground bands/artists/DJs/musicians/etc., Moshing/Hardcore Dancing/Skanking/Raving/etc) Video Games (Been playing them since the N64 era...) Women (I'm attracted to them, I love talking to them, I love being a hopeless romantic) Poetry/Writing (I write a
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