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    Penspinning, Glowstringing, God, Piano, Music in general, Starcraft 2 and other videogames, Drawing, Chess, etc.
  1. Iota

    Thank you, your combos in this:

    are what inspired me to start stringing, and what little I've done so far has been great! Hopefully one day i'll be able to string with the same amount of style and passion.
  2. Member Name: Iota Real Name: Daniel Location: Tampa Region: Tampa AIM: n/a MSN: dcerkoney@gmail.com Skype: n/a, never use it MySpace: n/a Facebook: idk how to post this, but find it via my email i suppose? E-mail: dcerkoney@gmail.com Phone: n/a Style: Glowstringing, The Robot (poorly) GSC Status: Member, Active
  3. Okay, thanks for letting me know, I'll definitely look for that thread. I'm in the Tampa-ish area of Florida.

  4. Welcome to GS.c! :)

    Very soon, we'll have a Florida Contact Thread posted so you can get to know members in the area and attend meet-ups!

    Very useful :P I suggest you keep an eye out for it.

    Name is Dani btw. I'm in the SoFlo area. West Palm Beach.

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