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  1. couldnt send u a message, so:

    I'm trying to get some DFW GSC momentum going, for more info please check out:


    the place i want to do it is in fort worth, so any support from the locals would be a GREAT help.



  2. Hey Dani, if you could remove me from the thread i'd appreciate it. i'm moving to texas to co own / operate a pizza join with a good buddy. i wish you all the best of luck, ~dano
  3. I am unable to send PMs to you. can you get in the tiny chat? click on the button at the top that says "tiny chat"

  4. cant send you a message for some reason? anyways, i'm dan, a new stringer in kendall. if you guys every wanna do a meet up, hit me up. 3058787665, i respond to text and calls. there's a drum circle on Wednesday the 19th (jan) in south beach at collins and between 79th and 85th st (on the sand), i'll be there and i'm trying to get more people to come, and you are invited!

  5. you were right, i was pulling to hard. <3

  6. thanks for the link, i threw my info up. see you all soon, until then..... practice, practice, practice ;0

  7. Member Name: danjbrierton Real Name: Dan Brierton Location: Miami Region: Kendall AIM: na MSN: na Skype: na MySpace: na Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/danjbrierton E-mail: danjbrierton@aol.com Phone: PM me Style: Newbie Stringer GSC Status: applesauce. i'm in south korea till the end of january, so i'll see you all in the new year! ~dano
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