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  1. If you ever begin to watch "The Koran and the Kalashnikov", don't bother.

  2. Working getting a new handler.

  3. Does anyone know why Facebook gives updates from people you do not follow?

  4. South Sudan gains independence.

  5. Vaughan Smith's Blood and Dust film is out over on FrontLine. Link provided below.http://www.frontlineclub.com/blogs/vaughan/2011/02/blood-and-dust-film.html

  6. Portugal could need a second bail-out.

  7. MoD lost £6.3 billion in assets.

  8. So my mother can't distinguish my Pentagon job and military. It's what happens when you try and explain things around the phrase "Tier-3 Eyes Only".

  9. Agenda:1. Server maintenance (for all three domains. oh boy, not fun)2. Shooting of T3-Tech Daily Audiocast3. Watch a bit of covert affairs4. Lastly, but not least, get the glowsticks ready and head to the beach.

  10. The crude's off my foot. Now I understand the severity of oil spills. Crude is like 2,500 leaches compressed into 1.

  11. Member Name: whtlime Real Name: Demetrius Tucker Location: Orlando Region: Central Florida AIM: unknowntechs@gmail.com\ Email: tucker.unknowntechs@gmail.com Phone Number: 805.455.9039 Style: Hybrid GCS Status: Pretty active since join-date. Been on a 3 week hiatus, but will be back soon.
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