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  1. I envy you for living in Alaska. Cold but beautiful.

  2. Hey, I jusst got your message. After like 9 months, I know. But Im sad to say that as of a month ago, I no longer live in Alaska.

  3. So a few days ago I got a butterfly knife (balisong), and I am really enjoying it.

  4. Rawr to you as well, stranger. I'm curious as to where that rawr came from, haha.

  5. No kidding bro. It will be legit. Tomorrow (technically today) and Thursday I'm going to that rave in Anchorage. =) You can get that I'll be stringing there. I'm so excited.

  6. I cannnnnnnot wait till next month so we can actually string together >_< haha.

  7. I'll be attending my first legit rave on July 27th. Sacred Geometry Feat. Pressha in Anchorage, Alaska. Oh yeahhhhhh! =D

  8. Forever reply in the making: (I blame finals) yes, fluent in Swedish, quazi fluent in Norwegian and Danish. Practically a native speaker of Slacker. All great languages.

  9. I really want to make a new video tomorrow.

  10. I took like half an hour to string and take my mind off of other things, and it really helped me relax. I love stringing.

  11. I kind of want to try glowstringing with barbed wire and nightsticks.

  12. I hit my ulnar nerve (funny bone) while practicing bicep wraps and now I can't feel my entire arm.

  13. You know Swedish as well? Good lord. Did you live in Sweden? If not, how did you learn the language? I desperately want to learn Norwegian/Swedish, and am planning to study abroad in Scandinavia during college.

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