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  1. Hey! Welcome to GS.c :) We're a really awesome community!

    While you're here there's two things you should check out:

    -check out the culture forums to understand our rules. The pinned explain what we're about.


    -and then the newbie board. Introduce yourself!

    If you have any quest...

  2. It may be sweet to share a bed, but you're already fucking with my head.

  3. Your profile picture is really fucking awesome.

  4. Sound like a plan :) I'm always up for learning something new.

  5. Urge to glowstick and hoop right now.. I think it's time for an intense sesh right now. Hmmm, what to learn..

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Aurastys


      I don't think I'm quite getting it. So I would have sticks in my hand and not grab the hoop at all, but manipulate with the sticks in my hand? That would be waaaay too hard and extremely limiting lol I think with A LOT of practice, I can do some small-scale freehanding while hooping around my hips. thought of tying sticks to my hoop too lol but I doubt that would work

    3. Dgloww


      hmmm. yeah probably:*

      i can see some crazy shit, but explaing it is hard. lol

      why not try to, or maybe put some of the bracelet ones on there, or would that affect your the rotation of the hoop?

    4. Aurastys


      If I tied glowsticks to it, and they are loose, it might throw off the hoop. People attach fire wicks but they are always evenly place and they are sturdy, so the motion of the hoop isn't thrown off. I'll try it sometime, but i have no sticks lol and i would need some zipties. It'll look funny, but i think i'll give it a shot anyway. And I can probably use those cheap little glow bracelets too. they are so small that it shouldn't even matter.

  6. Yea, Andrew/thor3 is a pretty cool guy, probably one of my best friends thanks to this site. He's always down for teaching someone. We've taught each other a few things. I think you guys might be quite a ways apart, but who knows? I think he plans on hitting up a few festivals there. At least he better. So maybe meet him at one! :3

  7. Yay! Learned extended reels with both hoops and poi :)

  8. Checked him out, seems like a pretty cool guy :)

  9. Heyy, Nice to meet you. I will check him out.

  10. Hello! I see you're from Australia.

    You should hit up my friend Thor3 since he is at a university in Australia for a year. He's a really great stringer and a pretty silly dude.

  11. I wish there were some way to involve glowsticks AND a hoop :|

    1. Dgloww


      thats what i was thinking....

  12. My mind is bouncing around like a 4-petal antispin flower.

  13. Well, this kinda sucks.

  14. Can we please go back? Sunday night of EDC was hands down one of the best nights of my life, if not the best.

  15. Damn, I love hula hooping :D Just ordered my new hoop!

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