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    i LOVE to rave ( of cource)
    i enjoy glowsticking the most, i jumpstyle and hardstyle also

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  1. i couldnt of missed a worse 3 days of school, i got back and picked up alot of make up work. not to include the things im trying to kick off as corps commander......fml

  2. Im coming back to school today, FINALY, it feels like ive miss alot even though its only been 3 days

  3. last thursday the airforce told me i had 0 depth perception, since then everytime im walking through a room or riding in a car, i stare at everything telling myself what is closer.... im so paranoid

  4. facebook decided i was in a relationship but didnt bother to tell me who i was dating :P

  5. MEPS today was a living nightmare but its all behind me now, im chillin playin my guitar a little

  6. is the next COD zombies game gonna make you fight a zombie Bin Laden? They wont make it easy to find him...

  7. whats up man, nice to meet ya

  8. Hola fellow texas member!!

  9. ready for Texas meet up

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