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  1. Well, Finished my One year video..it will be up shortly

  2. A day early and on GS.C! I congratulate you! And many thanks! I'm really tempted to not log in to FB so that people actually have to get ahold of me to tell me. XD

  3. hey, I just wanted to be the first one to tell you happy birthday!!

    hasta luego!! take care man!

  4. Well, i'm totally not a stranger, seeing as how right now I only access internet on campus and I still have time to check on GS.C and post. XD. You should text me. I have some news.

  5. hey whats up man hows college? dnt be a stranger!

  6. hey man i was nice to meet ya at camp hopefully in the future we'll get to hang out

  7. hey man nice meeting ya...had fun with you and gio hope we can all hang out again sometime

  8. well this july will be my one year anniversary since ive joined GSc , hopefully get a video up soon

  9. heeeeyyyyy!


    Get online!

    Be alive!!

  10. HOLA!!! Fellow texas member!! I hope to see you in a video soon! XD

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