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  1. hey, just wondering if you were going to submit to the tie collab or not. We just need a few more submissions.

  2. hey there do u think u can make a tut on ur spiral color swithces? i cant seem to get them thank u

  3. hahahaha thanks man im thinking of geting me a pair

  4. yes the fattest ones i could find lol, cuz like i said 4x as heavy in crystal cases so u need ur laces to be as big as possible

  5. thanks alot ^^ also i got another question when you string with them do u use ur laces?

  6. so you want to know about flow lights hmmmmmm?????

    alright so jin smilez has a pretty good overall reviw on his set, andi generally agree with him so check out his vid.

    my opinion is that they are useful for practice if u dont wanna crack sticks all the time, although they are IMO about the weight of 4 glowsticks while in the crystal case, and i always have mine in there ...

  7. hey bro how long u been stringing

  8. i like ur tuts^^ there so helpfull thank you for all your tuts man keep on making them

  9. hey! im great what about u?

  10. rem rem xD hahahah when we guna have our guam meetup xD

  11. do u recommend the single led bulbs from light zombies?

  12. thanks =D i willl come to u if i need anything =]

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