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    a little rock called Guam
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    Music <3 ,Skating, Stringing, XBL( Rey eat YOU), Guitar, Hanging out :D
  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. rem rem xD hahahah when we guna have our guam meetup xD

  3. hey you must be the creator (: i'm kinda new sorry ><

  4. Name: Rey or rem Age: 15 Gender: Male Location: Yigo, Guam Interests: Skating, Music, Guitar, Spinning , Photography, Dance Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: o: none on all three Musical Interest: Yes. Everything musically inclined Goal in the next 5 years: go to college! Goal in the next 20 years: thats so far :[ What turns you on about the opposite sex: (: hmm down to earth kinda stuff If i had a million dollars I would: give it to the need. I am good at: being not so worried and not being mad School (if applicable): simon sanchez high Wor
  5. hey :D i've seen your handles and it was awesome ^-^ first person i saw done that. I'm kinda new and im just hoping to make friends :D

  6. :[

    1. Corruption


      Check your chasing the sun Tut request. I posted one of my videos that I believe has the move you're looking for as far as a windmill version of chasing the sun.

  7. Hey :) I'm kinda new to this site. I've seen your videos and its awesome! (:

  8. (: your stringing is awesome!

  9. (:hey i saw your collab vid!

  10. (: oh thanks for the accept. Oh i just watch your slo glo team's video :D!

  11. hello... how do you know me?

  12. thanks for ading me

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