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    Raving! i love it and all ravers!
  1. Well I'm not too sure, I'd ask Glowspazz, or Ellezdey-retrO... We always post when our meetups are in the "colorado" section too, so check there frequently : )

  2. hey man i didnt get to go to the meet up thing :( is there another one?

  3. thanks for the add man whats up?

  4. yeah, its cool. A lot of us from GSC CO are meeting up at the confluence location around 5pm thursday to hang out/ glowstick and w/e... It would be a good way to introduce yourself! Here is the meetup thread:


  5. Uhmm im not sure im new so im not sure how all this works ha but ive been hearin about it i want to!

  6. Are you coming to the meetup this thursday in Denver?

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