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  1. I am currently working on it :)

  2. Are you on the staff for the tublr thing? If so, you gotta link me to that tumblr page cause I can't find it on googlez ^^,

  3. Name: Justin Dettman Age:15 Gender:male Location:Rochester, NY Interests: Juggling, Music, and glowstringing of coarse Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: i hate to read, and i hate tv Musical Interest: any type of techno and i'm in Goal in the next 5 years:to be a good 7 ball juggler and to be pretty go at glowstringing too. ; ) Goal in the next 20 years:I can't think that far ahead. What turns you on about the opposite sex: when they just be themselves, and black hair. <(^^,)> If i had a million dollars I would: give it to my parents. they're always
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