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    Anything and everything under, above, and in the sun. I have an unnatural sense of curiosity.
    I'm also freakishly good at planning. Unfortunately, this is counteracted with my somewhat indecisive navigation abilities. "Hmm."
  1. Hey, Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Listen.

    Post moar on GSC>

    Update your location on the Member Map.

    Get involved in our community.

    Go to events other than EDC.

    Sponsor a rave in your town.

    Do something awesome.

    Learn moar glowstringing.


    This has been a public service announcement.

    By LordHappyPantsXIII

  2. Freehanding > Glowstringing. Biased? Yes.

  3. Hey you. With the face. I demand that you get a profile picture that is you. Just saying. XD

  4. A day early and on GS.C! I congratulate you! And many thanks! I'm really tempted to not log in to FB so that people actually have to get ahold of me to tell me. XD

  5. hey, I just wanted to be the first one to tell you happy birthday!!

    hasta luego!! take care man!

  6. Well, i'm totally not a stranger, seeing as how right now I only access internet on campus and I still have time to check on GS.C and post. XD. You should text me. I have some news.

  7. hey whats up man hows college? dnt be a stranger!

  8. ..and for the add XD

  9. Thanks for the username help on Tiny chat !

  10. There's actually quite a few.

    You just have to look in the right areas.

    Have a look around the Southern USA forum.


    You'll find a directory of members that are active/inactive, parties, meetup info, and lots of other things.

  11. i wonder how many fellow texans there are on here

  12. Nice to see a new Texas member! Welcome to GSC!

  13. Tonight's one of them bleh nights where I sit and ponder the universe with glowsticks in my hands.

    1. jlmartin


      i hear you there going to college with glowsticks in bag lol

    2. CosmosusMagnus
  14. ill send kitty the pre pre meeet footage lol im so fail but yeah id love if oyu could send space me that

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