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  1. Perfectly said imo. I feel as long as the people that do roll from time to time at raves are able to control themselves and not act like an idiot, it shouldn't be completely looked down upon.
  2. Yeah sup I haven't checked my shit in awhile, I'm in the Marines and did a lot of training for the deployment i'm on now. But I do go to the rave scene in NC when possible. Ravelinks.com is a good source.

  3. Hey! I just moved to NC and your profile came up in a search I did for NC members? You dont have a finished profile and havent logged in for awhile, so I hope you get this message. Ide like to meet some new ppl and see what the scene is like here in NC.

  4. Name: Justin Age:21 Gender: Male Location: NC, Jacksonville Interests:Videogames, Crossfit, Anime, Learning to Freehand Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Musical Interest: Techno, Rock, Metal, Industrial, Trance, Punk Goal in the next 5 years: Master freehanding and some poi Goal in the next 20 years: Dunno ill be old by then lol What turns you on about the opposite sex: Personality If i had a million dollars I would: Put half of it in a high interest savings acc, and use the rest to buy a house, 2 cars, and then the rest to party with while wo
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