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    i watched you tube videos and would talk about this site so i decided to check it out and i made an account

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  1. It really has been a very long time! I cracked some ultras a week ago and had the same feeling! I practice with my flow lights on the regular.
  2. Hello fellow Floridian GSC member :)

    This is kinda late, but thanks for the add.

    I plan on contacting more local members for a future meet-up, just a heads up :3

  3. Sadness. I havnt seen you in forever man. We gotta talk again. You were my first GSC friend.

  4. i miss you, man. come back to gsc!

  5. WHERE ARE YOU?!?! D:

  6. Woah. Why are you never on Tinychat!? Where'd you go man!

  7. http://www.glowsticking.com/forums/topic/26280-me-zenith-with-my-flowlights-yeyyyyy/page__pid__370199#entry370199

    thats like my 4 mon./boredum vid (even though ima week away from 5 mon but still) plz tell me what u think masta demo XD im so sad tinychat doesnt work :(((

  8. my dad works at homedepot and he got me a pair the sucked balls the hook broke so i always went to party city the carry omniglows try those out they tend to be great and i think thats what they used for that tut good luck u can also order omniglows from extremeglow.com they sell ultras really cheap there
  9. why hello there just returning the comment u left me :)

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