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  1. Not enough time ; ;

  2. I don't really party often, but when I do go out I roll with most of the ECers, so I'm sure we'll come across each other eventually :)

  3. For sure! I'm gonna check the forums right now. :) Thanks for the heads up I'm terrible at dates.

  4. I wish I knew where this rep came from...

  5. PS I'm gonnna lurk your posts nao

  6. No doubt bro! I have some footage I need to submit myself... Update the glowsticking resume. Definitely looking forward to seeing your routine though :) You've got some awesome stuff going on

  7. Yes, yes, I just recently made a comeback myself, though on other parts of the forums. Glad to hear all is well!

  8. It's been a long time my friend! I miss playing in the sandbawks with you.

  9. I lost a string... again! ><

  10. Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving!

  11. Yes... I have done it..

  12. We can session any time dude! Meet me in the city one day.

  13. Finally shot some footage!

  14. Our birthdays are in the same week :3 Soul mates!

  15. desperately needs to session.....

    1. Ally


      let me know and we can session

  16. So how's life killa?

  17. It's not MySpace, but that space of the internetz is mine... and I shall approve as I see fit. >=p

  18. It's all good homie. I'm still not even used to it yet.

  19. Dude! The comments on my page have to be approved by me before they are displayed. I will be sure to make some time and return to the Sandbawks soon, and put a stop to all this hogwash.

  20. I'm in the alleyz.... lurkin' your page.

  21. I think the Sandbox misses me =p

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