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  1. Not enough time ; ;

  2. I logged into the forum looking for inspiration for a combo, and found this thread to be interesting. Hello everybody, long time no see. IMO I think the rules of GS.C are a wonderful code of conduct, and I hate it when people look at us as if we were Nazis simply because we choose to outline in writing the way we feel. The fact of the matter is, we have come together as a community based on the fact that we all feel similarly about something that we enjoy. I can't speak for everyone here, and so I'll only speak for myself and those who agree or disagree can of course add to this. Howev
  3. I don't really party often, but when I do go out I roll with most of the ECers, so I'm sure we'll come across each other eventually :)

  4. For sure! I'm gonna check the forums right now. :) Thanks for the heads up I'm terrible at dates.

  5. girls collab 2 is coming! you have to be in it this time :D start practicing!

  6. awesome I cant wait to see it!

    Hey I saw on your profile it says you're from bk, Im from long island but I go to a lot of events in bk..... Planning on going to anything? Maybe Ill see you at a party or something.

  7. I wish I knew where this rep came from...

  8. PS I'm gonnna lurk your posts nao

  9. No doubt bro! I have some footage I need to submit myself... Update the glowsticking resume. Definitely looking forward to seeing your routine though :) You've got some awesome stuff going on

  10. Heyyyy, hows it?

    thanks for the comment on the video, Im working on a routine now :P

  11. Helloow!

    Nice to meet ya :)

  12. thats good to hear, i will eventually make my way to other parts of the forum >.>

    hopefully :P

  13. Yes, yes, I just recently made a comeback myself, though on other parts of the forums. Glad to hear all is well!

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