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  1. Not enough time ; ;

  2. I don't really party often, but when I do go out I roll with most of the ECers, so I'm sure we'll come across each other eventually :)

  3. For sure! I'm gonna check the forums right now. :) Thanks for the heads up I'm terrible at dates.

  4. girls collab 2 is coming! you have to be in it this time :D start practicing!

  5. awesome I cant wait to see it!

    Hey I saw on your profile it says you're from bk, Im from long island but I go to a lot of events in bk..... Planning on going to anything? Maybe Ill see you at a party or something.

  6. I wish I knew where this rep came from...

  7. PS I'm gonnna lurk your posts nao

  8. No doubt bro! I have some footage I need to submit myself... Update the glowsticking resume. Definitely looking forward to seeing your routine though :) You've got some awesome stuff going on

  9. Heyyyy, hows it?

    thanks for the comment on the video, Im working on a routine now :P

  10. Helloow!

    Nice to meet ya :)

  11. thats good to hear, i will eventually make my way to other parts of the forum >.>

    hopefully :P

  12. Yes, yes, I just recently made a comeback myself, though on other parts of the forums. Glad to hear all is well!

  13. haha same here!

    i havent been on in a good while

    im on right now cuz demo demanded i post moar :P

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