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  1. Aqua

    Wow Tico! You're signature! You have not signed onto GSC in a long time!

  2. Aqua

    TICO! You still on this thing? XP

  3. you joined gsc on my 16th birthday! ^-^

  4. Aqua

    Reminder: Girls Collab footage due this Sunday! :D Please please please submit again

  5. Aqua

    Lira! Don't forget about the girls collab! :D It's due this Sunday!

  6. Hey! Please submit to the Girls Collab this year :D You were awesome in the last one! It's due this Sunday. I hope you can submit

  7. Shizzy! Don't forget about the Girls Collab footage! It's due this Sunday :)

  8. deadline is july 3rd. better start practicing :D

  9. Aqua

    ximi! please submit again this year :D and convince your other girl friends in the CR to do too :D


  10. girls collab 2 is coming! you have to be in it this time :D start practicing!

  11. girls collab 2 is coming! you have to be in it this time :D

  12. Aqua

    when did you become staff??

  13. Aqua

    hey Eric! I saw what you said on Lira's thread, and it made my heart melt a little :) thanks mentioning us here in little SLO

  14. the footage is on my youtube account... or it will be in like 10 min

  15. Aqua

    yo i wanna see videos of your glowsticking!

  16. Aqua

    b/c of your contact juggling ball of course!

  17. hey man, i haven't posted videos in ages unfortunately, but this is my youtube channel if you haven't already seen it :)


    any new videos i make will be posted there.

    and thanks for the message. made me smile.

  18. Aqua

    Hey! You are in Pismo?? I'm in SLO! You wanna meet up?

  19. Aqua

    hahaha no... i was cooking a dutch baby when i wrote that comment


  20. Aqua

    oh and brian said that he would upload the "girls" collab on the gs.c youtube account if you want.

  21. Aqua

    i'm cooking your babies! dutch babies!

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