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  1. Where are your videos Aqua, where's your sensual glowcat dancing GIF

    1. Aqua


      haha I'm mostly posting on Instagram now. I'm @aquaglow on there but I'm still posting semi regularly. Thanks for the love.

  2. https://beyondwonderland.com Going: Aqua
  3. https://socal.dreamstateusa.com This is the best trance lineup I have ever seen and it's bringing all the glowstickers out! You are not gonna want to miss this. When set times come out, I'll update this thread with where the event meetup location and time will be. But buy your tickets! I'm feeling an ultra circle at this one *I double checked and glowsticks (and LEDs) are welcome Going: Aqua Doodlesticks Magneto Clutch (more that I can't remember their handles )
  4. Hi Aqua! I randomly decided to check to see if the site still even existed. makes me sad to see how empty it is but I couldn't help but smile a bit seeing someone still active from when I was in high school still stringing.

    1. Aqua


      Hey shmucky! Awww thanks for the message ^-^ Yep! I'm still here lurking the graveyard. I'm still practicing too. That's so cool you started in high school! I'd love to see a clip of you if there's any online. 

      If you feel like chatting on a glowsticking discord server (which is also pretty quiet), here's an invite link: https://discord.gg/Ub8PxWJ 

      I also see the most content these days on https://www.facebook.com/groups/techglowstringing

      Hope to see you around!

    2. shmucky


      I joined the discord, and yea I have one vid on YT: 


    3. Aqua


      your flow is so smooth! sorry this took so long to reply, but this is so awesome! loved the mouth pin at the end there :D

  5. I see you David! This is on record! And you are still at it ^-^ but you can't jump ship ever XD
  6. Thank you for this wonderful post ^-^ I stopped glowsticking for 4 years and returned at the start of 2018. At that time, I heard a lot of people say that the scene was dead, but I've realized since then that the scene is only dead if we stop. There's been a great resurgence of activity since and I love seeing new people with a ton of passion like you
  7. Here's some that I managed to take of it https://photos.app.goo.gl/X75j7StpDBTtdoWU9
  8. What: https://socal.dreamstateusa.com Where: NOS Events Center, San Bernardino, CA 92408 When: November 22 & 23, 2019 Why: Glowsticking friends... also BEST LINEUP EVER IMO Going: Aqua
  9. https://www.aboveandbeyond.nu/gtw Above & Beyond return to the site of their much-eulogised Group Therapy 250 celebrations this July. Join a cast of Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep stars plus 25 000 members of the Anjunafamily for two nights of music in one of the world’s greatest outdoor venues. Going: Aqua doodlesticks Cody Wushu Raver
  10. I find it really amusing that the Contact Methods options are so ancient in the profile settings. At least MySpace managed to go in the Previous Fields section
  11. Hey guys! Haven't looked past 2019 yet, but I plan on going to Dreamstate SoCal in November
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