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    Got Bored, Wanted To Meet Other People Who Share The Love Fer Spinning and Glow Toys.

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  1. No shit dude??!! I used to live on Rose ct...which is right by eastman park dr and 1st st. Hells yea dude.

  2. Garden and 2nd st SE side of windsor

  3. Nice...I didn't know that. Where at in Windsor??

  4. He buddy, I had no idea you lived in CO let alone my back yard. I actually live in windsor and work in greeley. We should meetup sometime and spin.

  5. BBQ today, then spinning, then drinking....and spinning.

  6. Wak

    HaHa...Right. Eh...I spin glowstick poi....and knew about 3 people who spin...so I decided to find more on this site...and have met quite a few and seen quite a few different styles and such. My videos are on youtube...just search xW4Kx

  7. DjLo

    hey no problem dude, newbies need to sticlk together on here alot of people tend to keep to them selfs. so whats up? what brings you to the site.

  8. Wak

    Thanks fer the add man. I think yer actually my first friend on this site.

  9. what up man! good stringin with you tonight, you NEED to come to EDC. Especially the meetup. There is a thread for it in the colorado section, check it out! as for tix, Just go to groovetickets.com and click on EDC Denver on the far left. Hope you can make it!

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