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  1. yeah it was chill meeting up with you guys, how was the party that i didn't get to go to?

  2. Hey! It was cool meeting and hanging out with you at SLO this weekend. =D Wish you guys could have stayed for the party though.

  3. Hey! It was a lot of fun hanging out with you too! =D Thanks for being so friendly!

  4. i had so much fun at EDC with you :)

  5. We did :). Glad you made it safe back as well

  6. Haha, yup! It was cool hanging out with you at EDC. Hope you guys had a fun drive back. =P

  7. Name: aergonaut (Chris) Age: 22 Gender: M Location: California. I go to UCLA, so I'm down there during the school year, but I'm from the Bay Area, so I'm usually up there for breaks and summer. Interests: video games, web design, reading, glowstringing ('natch) Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Neverwhere/--/Fringe Musical Interest: rock, trance, and most electronica Goal in the next 5 years: graduate school Goal in the next 20 years: married What turns you on about the opposite sex: I consider myself a leg guy, but I'm really more about personality.
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