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  1. YEAAAAAA !!! that boy on them stringminps GSC watch em

  2. I'm not sure...I don't think we met...Sad. But it was a great weekend! I loved it.

  3. I don't remember if I met you at nocternal wonderland lol did we meet did you even see me only person I remember seeing is fakesh0t

  4. yo what's up fakeshot it's darula from nocternal wonderland it was good spinning with you dude you got mad poi skills keep it up hope tosee you again keep in touch

  5. @soravalor08 yea dude me two I'm so stoked it feels like christmas eve I can't even sleep at night I won't be hard to find I love above&beyond ,armin,cosmic gate and I'm poi style lol black to

  6. Hope to see you at Nocturnal this weekend. It's my first time I'm going to see GSC'ers and 1st time attending a nocturnal event :D

  7. lol man people ask me all the time I guess if you spinn poi you have to be rolling lol it's just my style of dance to the music I love
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