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  1. HEY. I'm considering buying a last minute ticket to EDC this year! I haven't been since 2014 and i've gotta real hankerin' to go this year. Any gsc'rs gonna be there?
  2. W00T today was my last day at work. officially unemployed lol. moving back down to phoenix tomorrow.
  3. if possible make it so that tinychat is how it used to be, where you could see who/if anybody was in it before even entering the chat. I feel like that prompted many more people to actually use the chat. the way that it is now seems kinda out of the way and isn't engaging at all.
  4. Hey everyone! How've y'all been and what've you been upto?! i recently just got a job working at a tiny college store here at NAU. It's easy work but i get 40 hours a week so i'm making some good money. I've put my schooling on hold for the time because of numerous reasons and I'm actually planning on enlisting with the navy sometime within this next year. It's a really exciting time for me and i'm looking forward to it. How about you guys?? Miss y'all mucho!
  5. i had four apples and i ate one. then i only had 3.
  6. i've messed around with em off and on for a few years now but may be thinking of making it a full time thing. i think it may push me to be a more creative glowsticker as a whole. has anybody else been playing with handles recently? (and if not handles, what about just trying something new in general in hope of gaining from it?)
  7. i had 4 apples and i ate 1. now i only have 3.
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