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  1. a beautiful video i will give it the full review it deserves when i have a little more time hope that everything is alright at your end

  2. My 1 year video is up.

  3. 1 year video up and I would love some feedback from you.

  4. 1 year video up cleric. I would love for you to watch it because you play a big part in me putting together for the help you gave me a few months back.

  5. Hey, I just posted my 1 year video even though its been a little past a year, but I would like you to watch it and give some feedback since I look at some of your videos for inspiration.

  6. That kandi was pretty sick, I don't have anything like that. I'll be around for one of the meetups.

  7. I string a lot and I watch tons of stringing videos, but still to this day it amazes me when I watch people who take freehanding seriously.

  8. Thanks! :D It actually means a lot to me since, almost 5 months ago you were the one who first greeted me on the site. xD Glad you liked my progress. :3

  9. I watched the girls collaboration the other day and two thumbs up on your freehanding.

  10. oi oi fella, long time no speak, took your advice and took a longer than scheduled leave from stringing, worked an absolute treat.

  11. np man glad i could help :) if you have any other tut requests in future id be glad to help out :) hit me up on aim or something

  12. Thanks for that crossers tutorial, it was exremely helpful.

  13. Can't wait for the summer to come over and string with you guys.

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