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    conjouring, glowstringing, djing, loud loud music, dancing really hard, crystal method....cooking....long walks on the beach....candle lit dinners....<br /><br />lol

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  1. Yo. This is crazy. I can’t believe this site is still running. Call out to all the old heads!!!! Cleric. Seven. Ginsing. Where ya at!!!!!
  2. <3 thank you for making my EDC memorable

  3. oh def, by the next time i come back your going to have a 5 star meal. i hope...


    keep in contact, ill pm you my phone number soon.

  4. You know, I realized that you never got around cooking for us. The next time you're back in town I will be excited to see what you can come up with! =o)

  5. How's the mix coming?

  6. thank you sir :D how's those glowstringing skillz coming along sir :D

  7. sick profile pick man

  8. Your profile pic always cracks me up

  9. relink me to the mix :)

    I'll d/l it once I find the time :P

  10. I miss you babe, you will always be amazing to me

  11. oh god! i thought this entire time you were gonna be spinning at shelter rai! lol okay, but seriously, is this the address for love? 179 macdougal st, new york, new york lol, and thanks for the love eiku
  12. 150 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013 is that the address of club shelter? and sorry about last night fellas...god i feel like such an ass =( i really wish i could've made it but some serious shit came up last minute and i couldnt go
  13. AWWWWW YEAH, back to my regular clubbing schedual, schools out and im gonna be hitting any, and every event i can!
  14. god...i need the hell out of school...i want to come home to philly and go back to my regular clubbing schedule.... lol
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