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  1. Haha oh shit, I dropped off the site for like two months. Sorry bro. Of course you can add me on AIM and MSN. But you're better off hitting me on gchat: Joe.Zhou.Lu@gmail.com =)

  2. Hey! What up, dude! I've been off the forums for a bit - what's new?

  3. You say it like it's a bad thing LOL

  4. Dude, welcome fucking back, yooo. We missed your epic videos and post whoring xD You gonna release footage for project old school, man?

  5. But flattering ones at least

  6. She makes embarrassing posts on my facebook wall xD

  7. It looks the same, really, haha. By the way, your good friend Connie is a trouble-maker xD

  8. You know, Silvia, even today, six years into stringing, I still can't do a windmill. I can only do the reverse version =P If I try the regular windmill, I hit my face...

  9. Haha, do you have a pet by any chance?

  10. Haha, not sure if purple and yellow match, but thanks for the compliment. Going to GlowShop on the 17th?

  11. I have dappled with mostly Java and some Perl. I always read xkcd and I wish that the humor weren't so abstruse all time (i.e. - only math, physics or CS majors would understand some of those jokes).

  12. It is not weird; it is unique and cool. So why does it suit your personality?

  13. Sure - hit me up on AIM. Just letting you know that I am never on often because I am usually very busy =D

  14. I think that you're the only other person on these forums who uses semicolons in posts. Anyway, that's the first time I've heard someone by the name of Klarika - pretty cool =)

  15. You're being way baller =) Thanks for being so active around the forums and helping out newbies!

  16. Yeah, I'll just break the ice already and say hi. Hi, I'm Joe - sup? =)

  17. When Brian and a universal plateau...oh wait, he would just smash that plateau down to atoms...

  18. When a Freakdeke and a collared shirt

  19. When a Syphon and a btb-straightjacket...

  20. When a melvenorc and a shotgun duowrap...

  21. When a Juan Rios and a cute Asian girl. No tag backs with that one!

  22. When a Freakdeke and a glowstick...

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