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    My mentor, who first got me into glowstringing, referred me to GSC, stating that it was a very resourceful site.

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  1. You have mad handles skills, and hopefully I can be as good as you someday. I keep trying to download your comprehensive handles tutorial, but my internet is too slow for it! D: Anyway, you do well at what you do.

  2. hey there do u think u can make a tut on ur spiral color swithces? i cant seem to get them thank u

  3. Awesome Handles Tutorial, it is helping me so much man

  4. Haha oh shit, I dropped off the site for like two months. Sorry bro. Of course you can add me on AIM and MSN. But you're better off hitting me on gchat: Joe.Zhou.Lu@gmail.com =)

  5. yo! Not much,pretty tired. Hey, mind if I add you on AIM and msn?

  6. Hey! What up, dude! I've been off the forums for a bit - what's new?

  7. wow. i read the comment and it has like 2 errors. ugh

  8. nooo. since i'm not allowed to call you pretty joe which i think it's a super cool nickname, i have nothing left but to call you a geek =] and geeks are cool! i don't it's offensive either hahaha

  9. You say it like it's a bad thing LOL

  10. Soo, I accidentally deleted your comment, but... HIIII! =D

  11. lol idk maybe xD :) but yeah gonna post whore more . but this is kinda creepy. 100+ guests online and like.. 2 members online. this place is a ghost town x.x

  12. Dude, welcome fucking back, yooo. We missed your epic videos and post whoring xD You gonna release footage for project old school, man?

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