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  1. I like clowns. =] Balloons anyone?
  2. Sorry I haven't been here for so long. Since I won't be needed for a while, I decided to.. [summons lamb army] .. recruit my army!
  3. I feel like a ninja instead of an assassin. I've been killing all day, and I haven't been hired by anyone yet. Is my price too high? 500 ultra's per kill?
  4. *Mature Lamb places chicken into a vegeterian's lunch, and watches as the vegeterian enjoys their lunch. Mwuahaha.
  5. *Mature Lamb requests an invitation into the PWF. Although I have an innocent looking name, I am a highly trained assassin. I kill on command, and within 2 minutes I shall have the victim's head on a plate served with a sauce of your choice.
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