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  1. Some new old shit or some old new shit? Filmed this back in 2013, didnt post it till now cuz im an idiot
  2. Hi - east coaster here .. but also I live in Canada .. .does that still count?
  3. forums are back from the dead!!!!
  4. Now that the forums are back up and running, I wanted to start this thread to rally anyone in the area, feel free to hit me up!
  5. I wanted to throw out a a big THANK YOU, to Dave for getting the site and forums back up and running!
  7. I would actually really like to hear your thoughts on style / combo creation Melv! As far as what “style†I am trying to achieve, ideally I want to be on the lower end of the spectrum which I think I am close to now I “hit†on every second bar at around 150 bpm, I think id ideally like to drop that down to 140 but that is more dependant on the music than anything else (ps I clearly don’t have any musical training). While this is my overall speed I do try at least once per song to vary my speed (usually faster) and I do tend to drop my speed a little when I go into more complex combos.
  8. Welcome to gs.c my canadian sister what part of canada you from? give me a holler if your ever in the toronto area
  9. judge dredd is a badass mother fucker and once again man its great to see you back on the forums!

  10. congrats on joing gs.c if memory serves you said you were a lurker glad u decided to start to post
  11. thanks! how long you been stringing for?

  12. hey dude glad you learned something from my tutorials if you haven any request feel free to ask me :) ive got a whole bunch im gonna film once im done school this term

  13. i hear you do too many orbitals. :P

  14. link me a recent video of yours and i can give you specific suggestion, but other wise thing of moves you like to do then try to do them bf alternately if you have a combo thats mostly weave / spiral motion try to add a bf move or two into it, or change one of the current moves to a bf move, then see what comes natural ie dont cookie cut, change / add a move then see where it takes you

  15. hey my aim is kinda fucked up but what specifically are you having trouble with on ur butterfly poly?

  16. cleric isnt the most "active" on the boards right now you might wanna try his aim: drsnot

  17. yo so should be able to uplod some concept blog stuff this thurs but thats not 100%

  18. so look at wat pic i just saw http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/262708_626430900978_68700425_33220764_7212142_n.jpg

    aww would you look at the time its black mail o'clock submit to concept blog or i re post this all over gs.c and face book :D

  19. you wouldnt happen to be Chris G would you?

  20. http://www.purerave.com/events/21400

    im prolly going to that event hey do you have facebook or another way of contacting you? ill let you know the next time im down at ur end,

    http://www.facebook.com/bad.karaoke is my facebook

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