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    I'm using this spot to jot down my started glowsticking serriously date so I don't forget it. May 2009
  1. I love ur current avatar. I PITTY THE FOO HOO DONT EAT MY CEREAL!!!

  2. Rollz

    D86 what up man

  3. After a long hiatus I'm back

  4. Hey I work at Encinita's maybe you could show me your moves sometimes? Oh and if you are on Face Book please add me! My name is Alice Mishima. Looking forward meeting you at SD Meet Ups =D

  5. Yeahh. Nice meeting you mann! Let's have another meetup! And EDC 2011 forsure:D

  6. Wut up TK. It waz a pleasure to meet u my man!

  7. Rollz

    Wut up yo, good to see you again at the meet up!

  8. Sup mang! great meetn u at the meet up!

  9. Thanks for making it sooo easy to replace my cracked flow light.

  10. D86

    password resent, check your text messages.

  11. It goes good :D Just got back from ren faire...Spending way more than I should, but it is totally worth it! How are you doing?

  12. Hey, how it goes?

  13. D86

    You real name isnt rollin by chance? I met someone in Carlsbad a couple months ago by that name.

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