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  1. if you go to www.soundcloud.com/dj-solarflare you can dl the tracks on there :D enjoy :]

  2. deff a nice avatar pic man

  3. hey man, anyway i could get some copys of your songs?

  4. RRDJ

    so ur macbook wheel link takes me to a porn site?

  5. dude got the left side down on that btb fountain it feels great. it just came to me one day

  6. hey :) i was just searchin around and im kinda new too, im progressing fast but have no camera to prove it, if u need help with anything just ask :)

  7. nice videos dudes, whatever kind of crosser you did at 1:19 was righteous

  8. lol you just look happy is all

  9. what????what r u talkin about

  10. thats cool, i used to do regular stringing but recently picked up handles and love it. the key is to practice

  11. hey homie when you gonna send those tracks?

  12. hey i saw some of your vids on youtube, truely a nice job. im new to GSC

  13. lol dude in your four month video you dont look like your enjoying it one bit. you look mad at the world

  14. Well I found out about it about a year ago but I've only been doing it really hardcore for like the past week. I could only do basic arm wraps and 3 bt weaves until now

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