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  1. i can :)

    just message me your username & password.

    and what is a sig?

  2. yah that would be nice if u can and in return i will make u a sig

  3. ill make its smaller for you!

    if you want.

  4. yah i know im lazy to make it smaller lol

  5. oh lol.

    and man your picture is huge!

  6. yah cuz u where not on GCS for a while :)

  7. hey poppa bear :)

    what do you mean where am i at lol?

  8. is writing his musical

  9. hi kiddo :) where u at! lol

  10. finally lol.

    once in a million years haha.

    so yeah I see you today like you had said!

    :* miss you.

  11. :) :* i miss you bunny :D and imma see you tomorrow :)
  12. I heart you

    & I had a great day with you :)

    p.s. you better write me something back lol :P

  13. dang you are never on..lol.

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