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    I love design and one day I'll fulfill my goal to design clubs worldwide. Who better to design a club than a clubhead, right? In my spare time, I paint, draw, make sculptures, and I love to cook and bake (and I'm pretty damn good at it too)....and of course dancing! Dancing is my favorite thing to do, I've been dancing since I was 3 and I wish I had more opportunities to dance. I'm an art nerd at heart - I love museums, art galleries, and I love to travel so I can take pictures of architecture and random weirdness. Traveling around the world has definitely taught me more about life than anything I know. I've been to Asia, Europe, Africa, and of course N. America. I want to be able to visit every continent (except the cold ones - I don't dig cold weather). I find people and their behaviors fascinating.

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  1. EDC was so much fun! I definitely plan on doing more hanging out with everyone next year :)

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