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    I love design and one day I'll fulfill my goal to design clubs worldwide. Who better to design a club than a clubhead, right? In my spare time, I paint, draw, make sculptures, and I love to cook and bake (and I'm pretty damn good at it too)....and of course dancing! Dancing is my favorite thing to do, I've been dancing since I was 3 and I wish I had more opportunities to dance. I'm an art nerd at heart - I love museums, art galleries, and I love to travel so I can take pictures of architecture and random weirdness. Traveling around the world has definitely taught me more about life than anything I know. I've been to Asia, Europe, Africa, and of course N. America. I want to be able to visit every continent (except the cold ones - I don't dig cold weather). I find people and their behaviors fascinating.
  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  2. I'm stalking you m*thaf*cka....hahahaha. Poop.

  3. Thanks for posting those pics of parties in Europe. Parties here have a long way to go...Maybe a meetup in Europe might have to be a goal one of these days...

  4. Hey, if you ever decide to visit NJ let us know :) Avoid coming here in the winter though. It just REALLY sux.

  5. There IS a Candy Mountain! Shun the Non-Believers! SHHHUUUUNNNN!

  6. Hiya! Sorry I like never check my profile and I just saw your comment. It was great meeting you at EDC! You and Guy are awesome! I can't wait till next year! We're def down for splitting hotel costs again. That worked well. Colin and I are back on the EC for a little bit (back in FL). Maybe we'll have to come up to Jersey to visit some time.

  7. You Win! love you!

  8. It was definitely great meeting you too, Ana!!! Hopefully, it won't be too long before Kristen and I head out to the EC! =o)

  9. heeeey!!!! yay you joined!

  10. EDC was so much fun! I definitely plan on doing more hanging out with everyone next year :)

  11. Hey girl, glad to meet you at EDC. Next year we gotta meet up again and exchange new moves!

  12. It was great to have met you and Cjay in Cali and become roomies for 3 days! We are definitely coming back next year!

  13. Hello my short friend! I'm happy that we met at EDC. You are a funny and sweet girl. Take care of yourself!

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